Fade Away Sleep Sounds – Make Babies Sleep


We all know that babies wake through the nights because they initially cannot differentiate between the day and night. We as parents struggle a lot and try each and every suggested method.

When my son was born I really struggled to figure out the baby sleep pattern and measures to make him sleep throughout the night. I tried so many methods like rocking, swaddling, patting, and I even used to make him sleep on my lap for hours.He would get disturbed even with a small noise. Those days were full of struggles. Now I am expecting my second baby and I came across an amazing sleep technique i.e white sounds. These sounds help your baby to sleep better through the night.

With the help of white sounds, you can help your baby and yourself sleep better by creating a gentle buzz that covers other sounds. These sounds help the baby sleep in a relaxed position.

White sounds – Relaxation and sleep sounds

White noise is developed by combining different frequencies together and used to mask other sounds.White sound reduces sleep, aid sleep, maintains good sleep pattern and provides a soothing atmosphere. White sounds refer to sounds that occur naturally in an environment and specific sounds might help and encourage sleep despite environment noises. A womb is a noisy place and it is difficult for babies to adjust at first in a quiet environment but white noise helps them adjust to the new environment and relaxes your baby.

Fade away sleep sounds

Fade away sleep sounds are designed to relax and make your baby sleep. They use high quality environmental/natural recording, along with the sounds of some household appliances. These sounds are 1 hour long and they gradually fade to silence at the end.  They have innumerable tracks to choose from, parents just have to discover what works for their baby. As parents, we don’t want our children to become dependent on the white noise that is why Fade Away Sleep Sounds are designed in such a way that makes your baby sleep during their fussy time and then let them sleep on their own. One of the unique features is that they don’t have repeated sounds they provide with 10 minutes of one sound and 10 minutes of another and so on.

You can buy fade away sleep sounds right from their site.

Types of fade away sleep sounds

Screenshot_20170910-235215 2

These sleep sounds are the combination of Baby Sleep Sounds and Non- Baby sleep sounds. Baby Sleep Sounds help in putting babies to sleep whereas Non-Baby Sleep Sounds help in relaxation.

  • Musical sleep and relaxation sound – These sounds are the mixtures of nature sounds and musical melodies. These are ideal for meditation, yoga etc.
  • Nature sleep sounds – Nature sleep sounds are a collection of Rushing River and ocean roar, it helps in masking out unwanted noise.
  • Baby sleep sounds – It is a collection of sounds like a car ride, electric fan, shower or the hair dryer etc.
  • Life sounds – It includes remarkably calming sounds like that of fan noise, natural rhythm etc.

Things to remember while using fade away sleep sounds

While using fade away sleep sounds you must keep few points in mind-

  • Sounds should not be too close to the baby.
  • Set the volume to the actual environmental sound.
  • The volume of the sound should not be more than 50 dB(Recommended).
  • Keep the cables, wires out of the child’s reach.
  • Use white noise only while putting babies to sleep.

If you are looking for an ultimate sleep solution then I would definitely recommend fade away sleep sounds to you. I listened to a few soundtracks and they are immensely helpful for new parents, parents with stress and expecting mothers as well.


I hope this article was useful. Share your views in the comment section below.

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20 Replies to “Fade Away Sleep Sounds – Make Babies Sleep”

  1. Thats amazing thing !! As I m planning to stop breast feeding my baby n i m so tensed that hw i will make him sleep….seems this will wrk out fr me…..


  2. If you use white noise during your pregnancy the outcome from it is amazing. The baby will sleep during the night. I did this with my first son and when we were in the hospital he slept the whole time.


  3. I hear about white noise for first time through your post. Never know that anything like that exists! and it helps in babies sleep. thanks for sharing.


  4. I loved white noise and sleep sounds! I wrote an article about “How to ease colic” and mention my dependence on white noise. Sometimes, it was literally the only thing that would calm my daughter through those tough couple weeks. I had a 15 hr recording I’d leave on all night on my phone… it went everywhere with us at night time. Ladies take her advice, it is soooo helpful for newborns!


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